Cheerful Spirit is a Westchester, New York based online holiday shop created in 2016 by shop owner, Jennifer Vodrazka. Cheerful Spirit's hand-crafted bottle light decorations are suitable for any interior. With a celebrated collection inspired by the Christmas tree, Cheerful Spirit Creations are ideal as design centerpieces, as well as providing a beautiful soft light using battery operated LED lights. 

Each bottle creation uses German crushed glass glitter, sisal trees, a patent pending string light base, and two AAA batteries. They are then corked and sealed for a lovely “captured” touch. These vintage-inspired, festive decorations also come with a sturdy gift box that can be used to store the wine bottle each season. 


Making Holidays Happy for Everyone

Hi! I’m Jenn, mom of two boys, office manager, craftswoman, and founder of Cheerful Spirit. I never thought I would make Christmas trees in wine bottles. But then again, I never knew how much joy something like this could bring to so many people. And when that happens, how could I not do it?

For quite some time I knew I wanted an outlet for my creativity, but I also felt like I should give back to my friends, family, and community. My creation had to come really and truly from my heart.

Two years ago, I started experimenting with some recycled wine bottles, lamp kits, and string lights. I made some lighted bottle gifts and used them as holiday centerpieces. I added trees inside and saw the beauty and cheerfulness right away. After trying my luck at some local craft fairs, I discovered that something I had so much fun making was making lots of people so happy during the holidays. I didn’t expect my fun Christmas project to be so well received!

Busy moms said I saved them time setting a beautiful Christmas table; couples told me I solved their “host gift” problems for holiday parties; and young professionals said I helped them with quick and effortless Christmas decorating that suited their vintage style or small space.

In no time at all, my hobby became a real, year-round, Christmas tree extravaganza!

Over the past two years, I have gone from DIY projects and figuring out the wireless design in my garage to bringing an assembly team on board to help me meet the needs of customers from across the United States. A few simple trees have turned into dozens of custom designed handmade gifts each season. Each new design we offer is created by a customer's desired Christmas tree theme. Every handmade creation gives back to the community as well. Every year we gladly donate fifty percent of profits to non-profit organizations such as grownyc.org.

I love when life comes full circle, when the joy you put out there in the world comes back and you can pass it on again and again. I never intended to make so many trees, so I never forget why I started this journey. I hope that they bring light and joy and a Cheerful Spirit into your home, too.

Jennifer Vodrazka
Founder, Cheerful Spirit Creations LLC