The Versatility of Bottle Vases

The Versatility of Bottle Vases

Whether you’re looking to add a little something different to your coffee table, decorate for the seasons, or just update your home decor, bottle vases are  versatile, creative, and inexpensive. There’s also something incredibly timeless and elegant about a bottle vase creation. They provide an element of sophistication to your house and they never go out of style.

Here are 5 favorite, unique ways to use bottle vases:

Painted Bottle or Jar Vases

A fun DIY project is to paint a design, solid color, or even a beloved quote on a cleaned wine or other glass drinking bottle. You could paint using seasonal colors and symbols, like pastels and bunnies for the spring season, or you could paint using specific techniques, like in chevron patterns. Decorate the top of the bottle with charms, ribbon, or twine, and add a giant paper flower for the ultimate in DIY decor. And, don’t be afraid to branch out — you can use wine bottles, glass drinking bottles, or even mason jars for your painted vase.

Yarn Wine Bottle Vases

A popular trend floating around on Pinterest right now involves wrapping yarn around a wine bottle and then affixing letters or other symbols to the bottle using hot glue or a similar adhesive. You could spell out your family name, a special welcome message, or just decorate with fake flowers. You could even stick some real ones in the vase for a unique floral display.

Seaside Wine Bottle Vases — or Mason Jar Crafts!

Mason jar crafts are a favorite to give your home that rustic, warm look. Decorate the jar and add your desired flowers, or combine the rustic with the ocean by turning your mason jar crafts into beachy decorations using seashells and sand. Kids, especially, will enjoy creating an underwater world using filtered water (for greater clarity) and blue food coloring. Pour into the mason jar along with miniature ocean figurines, like little sharks or mermaids, and some sand or aquarium rocks. You can also add a touch of baby oil or vegetable oil for that ocean wave look. Help your child seal the jar with fun washi tape or simple hot glue. This is a fun activity to do with your child as you make a wine bottle vase of your own! Of course, you could also turn your wine bottle into a kind of message-in-a-bottle and create your own ocean project, as well.

Wine Bottle Collage or Mosaic

This project may take a little more time, or be a little more difficult, but you have so many options with wine bottle collages. You could use Mod Podge to decorate an old wine bottle with a favorite newspaper piece, magazine cover, beautiful scrapbook paper, or a playful comic strip. You can also decorate your wine bottle with treasured  photographs. One of the most gorgeous things that I’ve seen is a wine bottle mosaic vase. By gluing tiles, gems, sea glass, or charms to your bottle, you can create an elaborate design that is as eye-catching as it is fun to make.

Tied Wine Bottle Vases

Offer up a little cheer by tying with a ribbon or twine a few painted or decorated wine bottles — or just pick out a few of a friend’s favorite wine bottles and leave the labels in place! — for an unusual, personalized gift. Place a fake or real flower in each vase in colors that match the vase to complete the look.

Bottle Vases with Unique Fillings

Instead of flowers, consider placing twigs (you can even paint them!), herbs, or other greenery inside of your bottle. You could even turn your bottle vase into a planter. Other ideas: Brightly colored or seasonally themed paper straws (such as red and green for Christmas or flamingos for summer time) or various potpourri.  

Bottle Vases: The Options are Endless!

Who knew that wine bottles could be so versatile? From simple, painted vases to elaborate underwater worlds, bottles can be used and reused for so many design projects. What have you tried with your bottle vases? Let me know over on Instagram and don’t forget to see the trees!