A Rustic Christmas Theme

A Rustic Christmas Theme

Decorating for the holidays can leave you feeling overwhelmed by your options. One pretty, popular option is a rustic theme for your decor. This can be as simple and understated as you like, or it can be bold and striking depending on your preferences. Cheerful Spirit can even be a part of your holiday decor and help you tie it all together!

Family Friendly DIY Projects

Unlike other Christmas decorating schemes, rustic decor can often be composed of DIY projects that you can do with your friends and family. Early Christmas decorations were often made of fabric and you can cut out fun, festive shapes from materials like burlap or denim. Stars and hearts are popular shapes to be turned into pretty handmade ornaments that can be strung up on ribbons and hung from your tree.

Browsing through social media, you can find loads of projects that allow you to upcycle common household materials like buttons and old glass bottles that can get a new life through the holidays and cost you little or nothing. The other great thing is that you don’t have to worry about anything being too perfect: the hand-made nature will add to the charm.

Allude To Yesteryear

One of the most popular themes for rustic decor is nostalgic, old fashioned Christmases. You can string up plain popcorn to make a garland like you might have with your grandmother as a child and ornaments based on old fashioned toys like model trains and miniature teddy bears are a great way to decorate your tree. Traditional color palettes tend to work well if you’re going for a vintage theme, so try sticking with reds, greens, and golds. An old fashioned Christmas can make you feel warm and fuzzy as you pass down traditions to a new generation.

Simplicity is Key

Sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely true with a rustic Christmas theme. Rustic decor often means embracing fun textures like wood and burlap rather than using lots of bright colors or glitter. A Christmas tree might be decorated simply with bright white lights and dotted with ornaments made from white twine and burlap. Simple white candles may be beautifully accented by gold holders and fir limbs for a simple table setting. This effect is homey and understated — and has the added bonus of being appropriate for most of the winter season. You can enjoy a centerpiece of cinnamon scented pine cones in a pretty bowl and let the familiar smells of baking fill your home all season without feeling like you left your Christmas tree up for too long.

Cheerful Spirit

You can let Cheerful Spirit be a part of your decorating scheme by choosing a beautiful centerpiece like the classic White Lights Christmas Tree. This piece goes wonderfully with a rustic Christmas theme — it can even be a mini-version of your tree brought to your dining room table, accented with twine balls and plaid flannel placemats.