5 DIY Cork Crafts That You Can Keep and Gift

5 DIY Cork Crafts That You Can Keep and Gift

You might not guess that simple, easily available materials like bottle corks could transform into stunning home decorations and gifts after they’ve served their purpose, but they can! Those little bottle stoppers we’d normally throw in the trash are actually gold for artists and crafters. We’ve gathered 5 of our favorite cork crafts that you can put together at home. Make and gift a craft to a loved one, or decorate your house with fabulous wine décor. Bottoms up!

Show Off Flowers in a Wine Cork Vase


These elegant vases would make a special, unique gift this holiday season. Plus, they’re inexpensive to craft, requiring only cube-shaped glass flower vases that can be purchased at your local dollar store, at least 40 wine corks (the bigger the vase, the more corks you”ll need), and craft glue. To make your job a little easier, consider having  a knife around to trim the corks as needed throughout your project. View the complete tutorial at Design Improvised.

Make a Memory Bottle

Digital albums are standard these days, but that makes it even more meaningful to have a tangible reminder of past memories. Save your cork the next time you open a celebratory bottle of wine (or just watch a good Netflix show) and record the date and event in permanent marker on your cork. Keep these ‘memory corks’ in a glass bottle or vase as a kind of scrapbook that you can display in your home. This project would also make the perfect gift for a spouse.

Decorate for the Holidays

Wine corks are incredibly versatile. This December, stack your corks into the shape of a Christmas tree, and glue them together with strong craft or hot glue. Use a couple of corks or a coaster for the base. You could even paint the corks red and green beforehand. Another fun option? Use your corks to create a festive wreath. Check out the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

Have Some Hometown Pride

Show off your hometown with a cork design of your state, or surprise a loved one with theirs. For some fun décor (and another gift idea!), make both of your states and hang them side-by-side in your home. This project is a little more in-depth than the other tutorials, with the instructions recommending an xacto knife and a box cutter to more easily complete the states. You’ll also need cardboard (or wood), a hot glue gun, a jar, a paint brush, and painter’s tape. Get started at Brit + Co.

Make It Personal with Initials

Photo: A Smith of All Trades

Wine cork initials are easy to craft and wonderfully attention grabbing. Hang them over your wine cabinet, or even use them as the centerpiece at a wedding or celebration shower, alongside an expertly crafted Cheerful Spirit bottle. You can cut your letter out of cardboard, or pick up a wooden letter from the crafts store. Glue the corks down one at a time, filling up the space of the letter as you go, and voilà! A beautiful, personalized display.

Craft a Celebration

Balance all of those cork crafts this holiday season with the perfect wine bottle decoration. Our golden wine lover’s bottle, complete with twinkling lights and wine-themed ornaments, will look stunning next to your cork Christmas wreath. Wine is a popular theme for living spaces and holidays alike. Shop the season early with Cheerful Spirit, and be on the lookout for our bottle Santa hat giveaways all through this October! Happy crafting!