Why Hand Crafted Decor Pieces Make a Difference

Have you ever needed a gift for someone but had no clue what to buy? The person seems to have everything they need and getting just a gift card doesn’t seem personal enough. Of course, you would like them to enjoy the gift and actually use it.

hand crafted decor

Why Hand Crafted?

A hand-crafted décor piece could be something that is not only personal, makes an elegant statement piece for display, and can be a great conversation starter. But where do you even begin? You want a hand-crafted, personalized gift that can be used all year round, but maybe can be shown off during the holidays. Start at Cheerful Spirit, with decorative bottles for every holiday! A purchase from Cheerful Spirit is always the perfect gift, the perfect addition to home decor, and a perfect way to celebrate that special someone on your list.

Unique Pieces

The last thing you want is the kind of gift that you can find mass produced in any store, something that can be found in every other home. That’s not a problem with Cheerful Spirit’s hand crafted bottles. Giving a decorated bottle from Cheerful Spirit shows that you went beyond the large department stores and online gimmicks and spent time finding a gift just for that special someone. You’re sure to see them light up when receiving their hand-crafted gift.

Personalized From the Artist

These bottles aren’t made by machine but by an individual artist. Working with the artist from Cheerful Spirit online or in person allows you to personalize the gift, trade ideas, and really create something unique for whatever the occasion. The wine bottle design, made with recycled wine bottles, is small enough to fit on any surface. A wine bottle tree from Cheerful Spirit is hand-crafted with love and care and such high quality. You can also know that you’re supporting a small business crafter.  

Hand-crafted gifts add more meaning and value to your holiday celebrations, and your party will stand out above the rest! The wine bottle Christmas trees come in a variety of styles, making them versatile for more than just one holiday or celebration. Make a statement in your decor with these clever wine bottles made by Cheerful Spirit.

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