Totally Safe Holiday Decorating Ideas For Parents

Holiday decorating changes when you become a parent. It becomes even harder when your sweet newborn becomes a toddler who wants to explore every inch of your home! If you’re normally a fan of elaborate Christmas displays featuring antique ornaments, shiny tinsel, and other delicate decorations, you may find yourself at a loss. Rest assured, a precocious little one doesn’t mean you can’t have a festive Christmas!

safe decorating ideas

Bells Are Ringing

Whether you have a toddler or you’re an avid baby-sitter, you probably know that when kids are noisy, they’re probably doing fine and that the real trouble tends to come when they’re quiet. Make sure that you’re aware of anything your toddler is getting into by decorating with bells. Christmas Bells are a super traditional part of holiday decorating. You can even make the bells a new family tradition. Maybe you can read your little one The Polar Express

Keep in mind that sometimes bells have small parts. Check the warning labels and make sure you pick an option that won’t pose a choking hazard.

Decorate Strategically 

The best Christmas decorations for toddlers are shatter proof. You can find shatterproof ornaments in different shapes and colors that will still look stylish on your tree. If you have a curious toddler, you might opt to cover your entire tree in nothing but shatterproof bulbs hung on ribbon; ribbon is much safer around little hands than sharp wire or metal hooks. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t display your favorite delicate ornaments or pieces you’ve inherited from your grandparents. Just opt to use these away from your toddler. A small tabletop tree be kept high on a shelf and away from your little one. 

Make A Barrier

You can protect your decorations by keeping them away from tiny hands.There are lots of ways to make a barrier around your tree. Start by positioning your tree in a corner of the room and letting two walls do some of the work. You can add your old baby gate to this to protect the tree. This might not be the most chic option, but safety is always more important. You can also try using large, heavy fake presents to block the tree from small hands. Use pretty wrapping paper to wrap boxes filled with something too heavy for your little one to push out of the way. Just make sure that any older children know that there aren’t really presents in those boxes and that they’re just decoration so they don’t get disappointed on Christmas morning when the big presents aren’t for anyone!

Decorate With Toys

Make your home look like Santa’s workshop and rest easy knowing your decor is toddler safe! You can display special dolls, teddy bears and other stuffed animals around your home. These are likely to attract more attention than a tree and can be used to distract your toddler from the tall, shiny forbidden object. Keeping your decor child friendly can be just as festive as delicate ornaments and tinsel.

Apply This To All Seasons

While these tips had Christmas decorating in mind, they can be applied all year. Spooky ghosts can also be hung up using orange and black ribbons around Halloween and soft bunny stuffed animals make great Easter decorations. 

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in July or getting ready for other fun family holidays, consider a centerpiece from Cheerful Spirit to tie your festive decor together. Your kids will love to look at the tiny cookies that decorate the tree in this White Classic Christmas Tree With Gingerbread Ornaments Wine Bottle centerpiece and so will you!.