Ten Ways to Spread Cheer All Year

Do you have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit when the holidays roll around? Lay the groundwork all year by spreading cheer where you can by helping out those who could use a hand up. This will be wonderful for your spirits and will help everyone around you.

spreading cheer

1) Pack Backpacks For Children In Need

Every child going to school needs things like notebooks, pencils, and crayons. It can be embarrassing when a teacher asks you to bring in a certain school supply that you don’t have because your family can’t afford it. Consider filling a backpack full of school supplies to be given to a child in need. 

Ask your own kids to help you pick out fun, popular designs so whoever receives your thoughtful gift will have fancy products like their classmates. This fun chalkboard peel and stick paper can brighten up a locker. You might also consider checking in with a local teacher to see what they might need for their classroom, like dry erase markers and boxes of tissues. Most teachers receive little funding for classroom goods and end up paying for things for their students out of pocket.

2) Gift Your Time

One of the best resources you can use to spread good cheer is to spend your time with someone who might be lonely or need some help around the house. Check in with a family member or an elderly neighbor and see if they need a little help around the house. There might be a household chore that they are no longer comfortable doing such as yard work. A nice conversation over a cup of coffee or tea can go a long way to making people happy. If you want to get even more involved with your community, check in with the local assisted living community. Often volunteers are needed to teach craft classes or read to seniors.

3) Write Letters

Sometimes you can brighten up someone’s day with nothing more than a piece of paper, a stamp, and an envelope. Writing a (bonus for handwritten!) letter to someone you haven’t seen in a long time can be a great way to show your care. While phone calls and emails are valuable and immediate, letters have the added benefit of being something you can hold onto and reread when you wish.

4) Totes For Homeless Women

One of the best ways to help homeless women is build a care package for them. Women who are living in shelters or on the street, or who are living on a limited income can benefit from a care package. A tote bag full of toiletries including feminine hygiene supplies will be a big help and can make someone’s day much easier.

5) Pay It Forward In The Drive Through

This one is simple and can be infectious! Next time you’re getting a meal in a drive through, consider telling the cashier that you would like to pay for the order of the car behind yours. This can help out someone who is barely scraping by or it can lead to a chain reaction where everyone pays for the order of the vehicle behind them!

6) Do Some Baking!

This is a fun one that you can involve the kids in if they’re eager to help. Try making a big batch of one of your favorite treats and making gift boxes for loved ones. This is great around big holidays but it can also be a “just because” treat. Consider packaging up a gift box for your child’s teacher and having them take it to school with them.

7) Help Animals

Helping animals is a great way to lift your spirits. You can donate bags of food and clean towels and blankets to your local animal shelter or volunteer to help socialize animals and take dogs for walks. If you have the resources, you might consider fostering animals. This can be very involved such as bottle feeding orphaned kittens or puppies or animals recovering from illness or injury but it can also simply be hosting a healthy mother cat while she raises her litter of kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted. This is a great option if you have a spare room in your home and your local shelter can help you understand the requirements.

8) Leave A Great Tip

Share your good fortune the next time you go out to dinner with friends and family. Oftentimes servers are at the mercy of their tips as their primary source of income. Leave a great tip for your server- beyond the standard twenty percent tip and know you might have improved their entire budget. A little financial security can spread a lot of happiness and joy.

9) Gift Packages For Soldiers

Any time of year is a great time to spread a little cheer by sending a gift to a soldier deployed overseas. A care package of books, board games, and playing cards is a great way to make people feel less lonely while they are away from home. Also send tasty treats that you can’t get overseas. Toiletries can also be a welcome gift! 

10) Host Dinner

Volunteer to host dinner for your friends and family! A simple night where they aren’t expected to bring anything but themselves can be relaxing — especially if your loved ones often can't afford to go out for a nice meal. Consider setting the table with a cheerful centerpiece from Cheerful Spirit Creations. This can keep your home warm and welcoming as you spread good cheer with your loved ones all year!

Looking for more tips for spreading cheer, with your home decor or otherwise, throughout the year? Contact Cheerful Spirits today or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.