Normally when we think of keeping a Cheerful Spirit, we think of Christmastime. It can be easy to think about being cheerful when you’re visiting family, exchanging gifts, and decorating your home with tinsel and ribbon. But it’s important to extend that cheerful spirit all year. With all of the hustle and bustle of daily life, that can be hard...

Whether you’re looking to add a little something different to your coffee table, decorate for the seasons, or just update your home decor, bottle vases are both versatile, creative, and inexpensive. There’s also something incredibly timeless and elegant about a bottle vase creation. They provide an element of sophistication to your house and they never go out of style. Here are 5 favorite, unique ways to use bottle vases: bottle vases

Painted Wine Bottle Vases (See Guide to Bottle Painting DIY below!)

A fun DIY project is to paint a design, solid color, chalk paint, or even a beloved quote on a cleaned wine or other glass drinking bottle. You could paint using seasonal colors and symbols, like pastels and bunnies for the spring season, or you could paint using specific techniques, like in chevron patterns. Decorate the top of the bottle with charms, ribbon, or twine, and add a giant paper flower for the ultimate in DIY decor. And, don’t be afraid to branch out — you can use wine bottles, glass liquor bottles, or even mason jars for your painted vase.