Rustic Decorating Tips for Springtime

While it’s still cold in most of the United States, warmer weather is right around the corner. If you want to freshen up your home decor for Spring, we have some advice to help you get that perfect rustic, farmhouse touch. These ideas can help you transition your home from the winter holidays to the joy of springtime. You can freshen up your decorating scheme with a few simple changes.

Use A Variety of Textures

One of the keys to having a visually interesting home is to use a wide variety of textures. In your living room, this might mean pairing your hardwood floor with a soft rug and bringing in an interesting accent piece like a wicker chair. Keep this light and airy to truly fit the springtime atmosphere. Soft white throw blankets can go a long way to make things seem cozy, and light colored walls can make the room seem bigger. A bouquet of flowers on your coffee table can be a great way to bring in color and more visual interest. Embrace the spring vibes with fresh flowers or pick out an artificial flower arrangement that you love.

Refresh Your Space With Accent Pieces

Redecorating seasonally would get expensive fast. However, you can make big changes to freshen up your space by changing out accent pieces in your living room. Even something as simple as changing out your throw pillows or putting covers on them can have a huge impact on the vibe of your living space. Pick colors like whites, yellows, and bright blues to keep things looking fresh. 

You can also put out new family photos, replacing winter memories with pictures from Easter celebrations and spring picnics. You will want to keep some color-coordinated blankets around. While the weather is getting warmer, you might still run into some chilly days and will appreciate a cozy throw blanket to curl up with.

Be On Trend With A Terrarium 

How’s your green thumb? If you have a love of the great outdoors, you can bring the outside in by cultivating a terrarium to keep in your living room. Pay special attention to the needs of each plant you choose as all of the plants will need to thrive under the same condition for your terrarium to be healthy. These plants will look beautiful inside and could be a great conversation piece. You can bring more green to your space with houseplants and succulents. Just make sure that whatever you choose is pet safe if you have furry family members.

Keep It Cheerful

If you want to bring more cheerful charm to your space, one great option is to check out the unique trinkets available from Cheerful Spirit. One great option for your home decor is a custom, monogrammed Wine Bottle Centerpiece. This fun centerpiece is just as at home in your living room as it is on your kitchen table. One great decorating option is to use it as an extra source of lightning in any corners of your living room that might have a tendency to be dark. The soft glow will keep your space cheerful and fresh year round!