How to Spruce Up Your Home With Wine Inspired Decor

Whether you are moving into a new place or your spring cleaning has made your home feel a little empty, new decorations can bring life into your home. One of the best ways to make your home feel like you is to decorate using something you love. If you’re a wine lover, wine themed decor is a fantastic way to bring life into your kitchen and entertaining space.

wine inspired decor

Cork Shadow Boxes

Photo: Lawrence Frames

Probably the easiest wine related DIY project you can do is to fill up a shadow box with your wine corks. You can easily find these online or in stores, ranging from sassy sayings to pretty shapes that gain life as you fill them up one cork at a time. Here is a great option that can make your home feel more cozy. Perhaps you could find a shadowbox in the shape of your initial or a heart or a star? Put the shadow box next to where you typically open your wine bottles so all you have to do is drop the cork in after you’ve opened it! The slightly different shapes that different companies use for their corks, plus the various shades of wine-purple that the corks get dyed will give you some great visual interest.

Art Prints


You can find lots of wine themed wall art, ranging from silly sayings to abstract pictures of wine bottles. You can find a great piece online, such as this four panel series. If you want something a little more personal and a little less kitschy, maybe a series of photographs of the vineyard that makes your favorite wine could decorate your kitchen. You can also find vintage maps of France if you love French wines!

Pretty Wine Displays

Photo: Kings Brand Furniture

If you want to purchase a piece of furniture that lets you show off your love of great wine, you can purchase a wine display that lets you and your guests see your wine collection. You can find ones that also have space for you to display your wine glasses. Another piece of furniture that can make a big statement is a wine barrel. You can use them as end tables in your living room to make your space cozy and comfortable.

Upcycle Corks

Photo: Make It Yours With Melissa

If you have a collection of corks, you have the materials you need to make art! It takes a little more crafting skill than filling a shadow box up, but you can find simple tutorials online or here on our Pinterest boards. One great option is to make refrigerator magnets out of them- just attach a magnet to the back. If you carefully hollow a cork out, you can use it to hold a pen that you can keep with a notepad that lets you leave messages for your family and keep track of what you need to buy at your next grocery trip.

Another great option is to glue small fake flowers to the top of the corks, making them look like tiny vases. A more advanced craft is to glue them together in the shape of a pyramid with tiny baubles so they look like tiny Christmas trees! You can also glue them in the shape of a circle to make a cork wreath. You can finish it with a pretty burlap bow and put it on your front door.

Cheerful Spirit

If you love the idea of using wine themed decor in your home, a great option to finish off a room during the holidays is to purchase a wine bottle decoration from Cheerful Spirit, like this pretty choice. It’s a great way to display your love of music as well as your love of wine. Let good cheer fill your home all year with fun decorations that make your home feel more like you!