How to Have the Ultimate Christmas in July

There’s just something about Christmas. From the warmth of family fun to the cozy Christmas lights, this is one holiday that makes a lot of us more than a little sad when it all comes to a close. Luckily, you don’t have to wait 5 more months to get your Christmas fix. You can have Christmas now — right here in July! 

christmas in july

If you’ve never heard of the Christmas in July tradition, you’re in for a treat. Popular in Australia and the warmer U.S states (Hello, California!), Christmas in July is a whimsical combination of Christmas and summertime. A terrific theme for a summer party, revelers exchange summer-themed gifts, share in beloved Christmas flicks, and enjoy wintry food with a summer twist. This tradition is definitely growing. In fact, even Little Debbie is getting in on the action this year, with Christmas in July tree cakes

Christmas in July is also a great theme for birthday parties gathered around the pool or, if you’re lucky enough, the beach. Of course, you don’t have to have a full-on party to enjoy Christmas in July, either. There are so many ways to bring some winter cheer to your sweltering summer. Here are some oh-so-cheerful ways to celebrate Christmas in July:

Have a Summer Gift Exchange

A traditional part of Christmas in July, a summer gift exchange gives you the opportunity to swap gifts with friends or family without the pressure that sometimes comes along with Christmas shopping.

starfish wine glass

Instead of agonizing over the perfect gift, have a blast exchanging casual presents that offer a touch of summer. Check out this desktop cactus, watermelon keg kit, starfish wine glass, or way too perfect “red, wine, and blue” t-shirt. Don’t forget the beach-themed wrapping!

DIY Christmas in July

If you love crafting, Christmas in July is prime time for summer arts and crafts. You can make a wreath for your door that incorporates red, white, and blue ribbons alongside  beachy elements like seashells. Mini santas in swimming trunks are always good for a laugh. Go ahead; get creative! Arrange a Christmas table cloth with a seashell tree centerpiece, or hang twinkling lights throughout the house. You could even pick up some beach-themed scrapbook paper and make a paper chain with the kids! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to enjoy the imagination of Christmas in July. 

Summerize Your Winter Food and Drink Favorites 

Fun for parents and kids alike, frozen hot chocolate will give you a taste of the cooler Christmas season to come while stuck in the middle of the hottest time of the year. Make frozen hot chocolate by pouring about a ¾ cup of milk and a couple packets of traditional hot cocoa mix into a blender, as well as a couple of cups of crushed ice. Blend it all up and serve it in a fancy glass with a Christmas colored paper straw and paper umbrella!

A single batch should serve at least 2-4 people. Feel free to play around with the ratio of cocoa mix to milk in order to get the right chocolatey taste that you prefer.

Other food ideas? Try baking sand dollar sugar cookies or using summery cookie cutters, like surfboards, to craft unique, beachy Christmas cookies. Christmasy popsicles will also be a huge hit for July. Pick up a popsicle mold set and popsicle sticks from a craft or cooking specialty store and play around with variations on holiday classics, like cocoa, custard, or even egg nog! 

Curl Up with a Movie 

Every year, the Hallmark channel rolls out Christmas movies that will hit you right in the feels. This year’s special starts on July 12th, so make plans to curl up with that frozen hot chocolate or egg nog popsicle and mentally travel forward in time to December 25th. Of course, there’s also Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July, available on Amazon, or Holiday Inn, a classic movie that includes a 4th of July dance number. How fitting!

Bring on the Elf!

This one is just way too much fun. Bring out the Elf on the Shelf and sit him next to a Barbie doll swimming pool or craft him summer toys to hold. Be sure to snap pictures! He’ll give everyone a laugh this July, that’s for sure.

Do you plan to celebrate Christmas in July? Chat with us on Facebook or Instagram, where we’re spreading cheer all year long. Happy summer!