How to Create a Rustic Christmas Look

As the season draws nearer, the question is not whether you should decorate for Christmas, but which Christmas style you’ll choose to decorate your house. If you have a Farmhouse Pinterest board or too many mason jars than you know what to do with, then the rustic Christmas look is for you. Rustic Christmas decor is sure to create a homey feeling for everyone who enters your home under the mistletoe this season. Not only does this polished style of Christmas decorating look cozy, but it’ll also have your in-laws begging for decorating tips. Lucky for you, we’ve got all the things you’ll need to create the perfect rustic Christmas look.

Plaid Everything

That’s right – everything. Even the Christmas tree. While Christmas trees are often covered with flashy lights, rustic Christmas trees are wrapped in a plaid ribbon that adds a vintage and warm feel. This unique style is easier and cheaper than traditional lights and will have your Christmas tree looking farmhouse chic.

The Many Uses of Pinecone

The key to a proper rustic Christmas is the versatile pinecone. The best part about this decorating hack is that you can find it right off your back porch. The pinecone’s dark wood complements the rustic red seen throughout this style. Pinecone can be used as ornaments to accompany the tree or hung across the fireplace as garland. To create pinecone garland, simply attach the pinecone to burlap string and dangle from your favorite entryway. The options for decorating with pinecone are endless and sure to bring out your creativity this holiday season.

Merry Mason Jars 

Nothing says farmhouse chic like mason jars. This is another decor piece that allows your creativity to run wild. Decorating a mason jar can be as simple as putting a candle inside, lighting it, and enjoying the sweet smells of Christmas. Or if you’re looking to put your DIY skills to the test, simply paint some mason jars your favorite Christmas colors, tie burlap string around the top along with fir, and you’ve got a flawless Christmas dinner centerpiece. Whether your mason jar decor is casual or creative, it’s the perfect addition to your rustic Christmas look.

Satna, Bring Me Burlap

By this point, you’ve probably realized our sacred view of burlap. While it’s a great tool for decorating, it also makes present wrapping look effortless. By tying burlap around your Christmas gifts, presents look picturesque all while maintaining the rustic look. As long as you know how to tie a knot and don’t mind a few loose strings, burlap is your new best friend.

A Bar Cart Christmas

No Christmas party is complete without a stocked bar cart. Since this area of the house will likely be the most visited, it must look top-notch. To impress all your guests, check out this unique lighting Christmas Wine Bottle Decor from Cheerful Spirit. For just $50 your bar cart will be the talk and light of the party. This homemade decor piece matches and elevates the rustic Christmas look.

With the combination of these tips and tools, you’re sure to have the rustic, farmhouse Christmas you’ve always dreamed of. Let us know in the comments which decoration you’ll be using this holiday season!