Fun Ways to Upcycle Old Christmas Ornaments

One of the first bits of fun every holiday season is to decorate your home for Christmas! Every year, stores bring out new decorations and it can be fun to redesign your tree, from color scheme to decoration motif. However, you might still want to make use of your old ornaments. It seems like a shame to throw them away or get rid of them when they can still make you happy. Luckily, there are lots of fun DIY ideas so you can upcycle your old ornaments!

Fun Ways to Upcycle Old Christmas Ornaments

Fill A Clear Ornament To Make Something New

We’ve all had that painful realization that an old ornament was shattered while it was in storage or in the unpacking process, or perhaps it was knocked off the tree by a clumsy pet or a curious child. While many modern christmas ornaments are shatterproof, you might be looking at broken shards of ornament. 

While your initial impulse might be to find the broom and dustpan, you don’t necessarily need to throw out those broken shards of glass! These broken pieces can have a new life, filling clear ornaments that you can hang from your tree. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily a child friendly project; if you want to put a more kid-friendly spin on the project, you can also fill clear ornaments with colored sand, glitter, or even bits of paper! You may want to opt to do this project outside or someplace that is easy to clean up so you don’t end up with a bigger mess on your hands!

Ornament Wreaths and Garlands

Are you wondering what to do with your old but intact ornaments after buying new ones to go with a new decorating scheme? They don’t need to go to waste! Give your old Christmas ornaments new life by using them to decorate a plain wreath or by making a garland out of them! Making an ornament wreath is pretty simple and you can do it in an afternoon. You can attach ornaments to a plan wreath and this can be a perfect decoration for your front door or another room in your house so they won’t clash with the new decorations on your tree. 

Another super simple idea is to string up old ornaments on pretty satin ribbon in a complementary color. This garland can be a fun decoration that you can use to decorate a staircase or hang in a door frame. The best part is that you can make the garland the perfect length since you’re making it yourself! This project is definitely one you can let your kids help with.

Bowl Full Of Baubles

This one is so simple that it shouldn’t really count as a DIY but it’s so effective that it’s worth mentioning! Pretty ornaments can look amazing in a complimentary bowl that you can set out on a coffee or side table to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to an unusual place. If you are decorating with classic red and green ornaments, you might want to mix in pretty pine cones to bring out a rustic touch! You can even purchase pine cones that have had a cinnamon scent added to them to make your whole home smell delicious.

Accent Christmas Memories

Are you looking for a more hands on project? You can glue old ornaments to the edges of a plain picture frame. If you put a family photo inside, this is a fantastic gift for a family member! This could be fantastic to bring to your office at work so you can enjoy the Christmas spirit at your desk. This idea can also work to decorate an old mirror, to keep all of your decor in the holiday spirit!

Are You Looking For More Decor Ideas?

Are you interested in more Christmas decor ideas? A Cheerful Spirit wine bottle decoration could be the perfect thing to tie the room together or serve as a centerpiece for your dining room table. The Snowball Christmas Tree Wine Bottle is a fun, whimsical decoration that can make your space feel like a home this holiday season!