Festive Cork Crafts For the Holidays

It’s always fun to have a craft project, especially when it’s one you can do with your family! This is particularly important if you’re wondering how you’re going to entertain your children while they are home for their winter break from school. These fun Christmas themed crafts make use of your collection of wine corks — so if you’ve accumulated a lot over the year, this is a great way for you to make use of them in addition to having some fun while you watch your favorite holiday movie and drink some hot chocolate.

Reindeer Ornaments

This is a perfect craft project that your little ones will love to help you with, especially if you sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer with them and tell them that story. Have your child glue a red pom pom to the bottom of the cork to serve as the reindeer’s red nose and use felt or googly eyes to give him a face! You can top off your reindeer with antlers made out of brown pipe cleaners and you can attach a hook to the top of his head to hame him into a fun holiday ornament. Attach a hook to the top of his head so you can hang him from a tree and follow up Rudolph by making more reindeer with black noses so you have the rest of Santa’s sled team!

Tiny Snowman Families

This is a fun project that you can set up for your kids with a little prep work from you! Start by painting all of the corks white and then painting on faces with a black felt tipped pen and add a small orange carrot nose out of felt. You can attach arms made out of brown pipe cleaners. Once you’ve finished the setup, have your kids decorate their snowmen. Your kids will enjoy making clothes for the snowmen out of felt and dressing them up! If they need a hand, you can help by assisting with cutting out felt hats, mittens and scarves to be used as decorations!

Cork Wreaths

If you want a simple craft that won’t be too fussy, you might try making a wreath out of your cork collection! This idea mostly just involves a little work with a hot glue gun. Cut a circle shaped template out of scrap paper that you can use to help you form the shape of the wreaths. These wreaths look fantastic with large bows made out of burlap and further embellishments like baubles, tinsel, and ribbon. This wreath can even take the place of a more traditional one that you might put on your front door to welcome loved ones into your home this holiday season!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

If you are looking for a small craft to do with your kids for Christmas, you can use pine cones and cork to make tiny Christmas trees that look adorable on a side table or on a child’s nightstand. This idea is very simple. You can glue a pinecone to the top of a wine cork, letting the cork serve as the “trunk” of the tree. You can try painting the pinecone green, or you might enjoy letting them stay their natural color for an extra rustic look. You can then decorate the mini-tree with tiny baubles and place a star on top. This is a simple craft that can bring a fun, homey touch to your decor. You could even bring it into the office and use it to decorate your desk so you can bring a little holiday cheer with you wherever you go!

Are you looking for more fun crafty decor for your home this holiday season? You can check out the festive creations by Cheerful Spirit like this Champagne Christmas Tree Wine Bottle which can serve as decor for your dining room table or mantle, or even function as a festive night light! This decoration includes tiny champagne bottles and golden lights which can be a fun nod to responsibly enjoying a little bubbly at your holiday celebrations!