Adding the Finishing Touches to Your New Living Room

Liven Up Your Living Room

I looked around my house recently and realized that my living room was the ONLY room without life. There was nothing living about it! Bare beige walls, blinds, a coffee table, and a gray couch. I hope this post with my findings can give you some inspiration or save you time if you find yourself in a dreary dull living room!

living room design


An immediate way to add some life to your space is to literally add some life — such as house plants and flowers. Plants are a great option, especially in rooms that get plenty of sunlight. You can find something to suit any room or space, from a delicate succulent to fit on a tabletop or a large fern to give a room some texture. Flowers can bring pops of color and fragrance to your living room which can help tie it all together.

Plants have the added bonus of filtering air; some plants like aloe can have functional uses around your home, such as soothing burns and healing athlete’s foot. My favorite indoor plant find is this Money Tree. Why do I love it? It is 16 inches tall, easy to care for, and best of all, it also adds a little luck to the living room!

Keep in mind while you’re shopping for houseplants that some popular ones are toxic to pets: if you have furry friends at home, check and make sure that your greenery of choice is safe for them.


Make sure you don’t overlook your floor! Your rug can be a vivid focal point or a subtle touch of color and texture. You can find rugs that are a simple solid color, striped, or with elaborate designs and patterns to coordinate with your room. They are great to center a seating area and can warm up a room with hardwood floors.

This 5’ Round Area Rug was perfect to place in front of my couch and under my round coffee table. I just adore the vintage look and different pops of color in this rug. It even comes in a few varieties. I worked off of these colors for the rest of the room!

Window Treatments

How you dress your windows can have a big impact on your space. Like area rugs, these can be simple and understated or bold and colorful. Generic blinds can be forgettable, but if your space is busy, they won’t compete with other aspects of the room. That said, you can go for gorgeous simple curtains over the blinds like these.

You are best off not leaving your windows bare — you’ll want to filter the light into your living room and get that extra privacy. Not able to drill holes and hang rods? A quick and inexpensive solution is to use tension rods to hang the curtains.

Make It Cozy

It’s called a living room for a reason — you’re likely to spend a lot of time living in it! You probably already have a comfortable couch and chair, but that doesn’t mean you’re finished. Throw pillows are needed to finish off a couch: they can also be a great way to bring in color to a neutral couch. This is great, especially if you want to frequently change the color scheme of your space.

Pillows are easy to change out or recover with a different fabric and pillow covers when you want an update. Don’t forget to keep soft blankets handy. You’ll be glad you have them when a family member has a different idea of a comfortable ambient temperature than you or when it’s time for the ever restful couch-nap.

Walls, Wall Shelves, and Knick Knacks

There are many ways to cover a bare wall including picture frames, paintings, metal wall art, mirrors, tapestries, and/or wall shelves. There are even many ways to create your own! Join me on Pinterest and follow. We can share diy projects and new decoration ideas. And send me a message there so I can follow you back!

If you love knick knacks and trinkets in your living room, place them on your wall shelf or bookshelf. These bring in personality and life and can make your home feel more like a reflection of you. Enjoy making your living room a home, and be sure to put in the finishing touches with a Cheerful Spirit this coming holiday season!