7 Ways to Cheer Up Your Office Space

Whether you work at home or in an office cubicle, it’s hard to avoid that inevitable sluggish feeling when you think about your office. Even people who love their jobs sometimes struggle to come in day after day and feel cheerful about it. And the drearier your office feels, the less motivated you’ll feel when it comes to work.

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem without a solution. Low morale in office spaces is all too common, but you can be the one to brighten up the day for your coworkers — or even just add some life back to your home office.

Change Up Your Look

Maybe it’s a matter of mismatched socks, or a fun belt. Maybe it’s a hair clip or a new dress. Do something fun and colorful with your outfit when you get ready for work in the morning. It might help you feel like you’re going into the office as a new person, and it will certainly put a smile on your coworkers’ faces.

Cut Out Distractions

Sometimes our discomfort in our office spaces comes because we’re trying to focus our attention on too many things. Whether you work from home or in the office with the rest of your coworkers, you’ll feel better about your work day if you can focus on one thing. Turn off your phone and resist the urge to check social media. When you get ahead on your work and you can relax, you’ll feel much better.

Go Out for Lunch

On the other hand, sometimes the reason that our office starts to feel stale is simply that we’ve spent too much time there. Taking your lunch hour to go somewhere else will help you to return to your office refreshed and ready to tackle whatever task is ahead of you. Even if you pack a lunch, sometimes it helps to get out and take it with you. Go to the courtyard or take a walk around the block. Don’t worry about the work you have waiting. This hour is yours.

Start a Snack Bowl

Everyone in the office loves the coworker with a snack bowl. It can be anything from pretzels to jelly beans to cheese cubes (though those, of course, will have to be refreshed regularly). Fill up the bowl in the morning and sit it at the side of your desk. Soon you’ll be your coworkers’ favorite, and you’ll feel better having brightened their day.

Get a Potted Plant

Potted plants are staples in office spaces for this very reason. If your surroundings are a little boring, plants breathe literal life into your office space and give you something interesting to look at. But don’t settle for the overgrown spider plant that’s been in the corner for years. Get a plant of your own, something that’s more to your tastes. If you want to go the extra mile, plant some herbs or flowers at home and bring your coworkers cuts to brighten up their day as well.

Find Office Supplies That Make You Smile

There are plenty of office supplies out there that are designed to break your expectations and make you smile. Why use a plain black tape dispenser when you can use one that looks like a high heeled pump? Post-it notes in a cute shape like this heart can change up the routine as well. Try these fun shaped paper clips for organizing your ever growing pile of paperwork. Finally, these knock knock notes will surely provide some office comic relief even on the dreariest days! They even make a great birthday gift with a handwritten card.


Decorate Your Space

It’s hard to feel endeared to any space when you don’t take the opportunity to make it your own. Pop figures of your favorite characters, favorite quotes, or pictures of your loved ones can all help to make your office space a little more cheerful. Creative knick-knacks outside the norm can brighten up your cubicle and catch the eye of your coworkers. Consider for instance this bottled Christmas tree during the holidays. It’s something different, but delightful, and just the right size for your office space.

Cheerful Spirit’s wine bottle centerpieces are a great way to add cheer for your office. Check out our collection and keep an eye out for other cheerful creations to come!

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