7 Unique Christmas Decorations to Get Into the Season

The beginning of November is quickly becoming the time when Christmas decorations leave the attic and once again adorn our homes. The excitement of Christmas seems to be moving celebrations higher and higher up the calendar every year, but it’s easy to understand why. Getting in the cozy holiday spirit is mood-boosting and fun! Even science has shown that decorating for Christmas early makes you feel happier. So, don’t feel bad about pulling out your decorations even though the pumpkins are still sitting on the front porch. It’s all in good cheer! 

Looking for new and different ways to decorate your home this year? Check out some of these unique Christmas decor ideas for an early burst of holiday inspiration: 

Unexpected Christmas Trees

The classic, natural Christmas tree is just as beautiful as ever, but if you’re looking for a twist on this Christmas staple, you have so many options. While black Christmas trees were all the rage last year, fiber optic trees and rainbow Christmas trees are already taking holiday shoppers by storm in 2019. There is a wide variety of fiber optic trees and rainbow Christmas trees available on Amazon, all in different sizes. Fiber optic trees usually come with interesting color and lighting modes. 

Really wanting to branch out (pun intended) from the typical Christmas tree look? Try a pre-lit cactus or palm tree

Unique Tree Toppers

Your tree topper is a fun, subtle way to add a dash of personality to your Christmas decorations. If you have a favorite movie or theme, look around for a topper that matches your idea. Star Wars fans can add Yoda to the top of the tree, while Harry Potter fans can top the tree with the sorting hat, for example. If you’re feeling a little more traditional, you’ll love this personalized family name tree topper

Adorable Pet Decor

Involving your pets in your Christmas celebrations is always a delight. This RV cat scratcher from Target will bring joy to your feline and look absolutely adorable in your living room. Meanwhile, your dog will love this holiday sleigh pet bed

Crafty and Creative Ornaments

Ornaments can follow a specific theme or be an exciting way to express yourself at Christmas. Decorate your tree using ornaments from every state that you’ve visited with your family, or fill the tree with ornaments detailing the favorite pastimes of family members. If you love the rainbow tree trend, but would rather have a traditional green tree, you can select colorful ornaments and arrange them on the tree by color for your own rainbow effect. 

A Personalized Tree Skirt

A personalized tree skirt  is a simple, elegant way to add a unique touch to your Christmas decorations. Personalized tree skirts come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can find one that matches your own decor theme. 

Bubble Lights for the Tree

Bubble lights are wonderfully vintage and nostalgic pieces that easily compliment a whimsical or old time Christmas theme. Plus, they’re budget friendly! You can add bubble lights to your tree alongside your usual lights for less than $20. 

Fun Knick Knacks and Display Pieces

Display pieces are a great way to add quirkiness to your Christmas decor. This musical DIY Christmas tree lets you hang your own ornaments and enjoy a timeless song, Silent Night, as the tree rotates. Of course, there’s also the classic leg lamp decor from A Christmas Story. Choose from string lights to the lamp itself for a definite laugh from your house guests. If you’re more of a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, don’t forget to take a look at our Nightmare Before Christmas bottle!

If you’re looking to liven up your office space, this holiday desk cactus connects to your USB port for a decorative light display that is sure to make your co-workers smile. 

Signs to Keep You Feeling Merry

Wooden, chalkboard, and even paper signs with Christmas quotes are an easy and festive way to add even more originality to your decor. Pinterest is full of ideas for DIY Christmas signs, but you can also explore endlessly beautiful signs on Etsy

‘Tis the Season — Almost! 

Christmas is right around the corner and so are our creations! See the trees and stay connected with Cheerful Spirit on Facebook and Instagram for more tips, tricks, and wine favorites this holiday season.