6 Tips for Storing Your Christmas Decor

When the holiday season has come to a close, it can feel a bit daunting to look over at your carefully placed decorations and realize that, yes, each one must go back in storage for yet another year. Whether you decide to leave your Christmas decorations up until the start of the new year or you take them down immediately, here are some tips to help you maximize your storage space so that next year, you aren’t frantically untangling Christmas lights or sadly picking up the pieces of a broken ornament.

christmas storage

Storing Your Christmas Tree

While you can always try to reuse the box it came in, this almost never seems to last, with the cardboard quick to fall apart. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to store your Christmas tree, from do-it-yourself methods to bags and totes specifically designed to store your tree. Taking the time to invest in a quality rolling bag or tote will likely provide you with the most durability and ease over time, but one really interesting DIY method involves simply using plastic wraps, like Saran wrap, to cover the tree and store it in the attic or garage until the following year. Often, people will even leave the tree completely intact, ornaments and all!

Storing Those Pesky (but, so Beautiful!) Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are one of the best parts of the holidays, but putting them up and taking them down can both be challenging. Proper storage can make the whole thing a lot easier. Just as with the Christmas trees, you can purchase appropriate storage containers designed for Christmas tree lights, but one easy DIY option is to wrap the lights around cardboard.

Storing Your Christmas Ornaments

Collecting and displaying Christmas ornaments is a time-honored tradition, and the last thing you want is to pull out your decorations next year and see that a beloved Christmas ornament is now in shambles. When it comes to safely storing these precious pieces, you can use cardboard inside of a container or shoebox to divide the ornaments from one another or you can purchase an ornament storage box. Wrap each ornament in tissue paper or other protective wrapping to protect the ornaments.

Storing Your Holiday Wreaths

One of the best, easiest ways to store your holiday wreaths is to try to carve out some space in a closet and simply hang them up like you would your coat. This way, your wreath stays fresh and ready for the coming year. No room in your closets? Store them in a storage bag designed for wreaths!

Storing Your Christmas Cards

This one might sound a little unusual, but since Christmas cards are some of the most cheerful and meaningful objects received at Christmas, you might consider saving them each year. You can easily make annual keepsake books out of the cards you’ve received using binder rings, twine, ribbon, and a quality hole-punch. If you’re feeling really creative, add a cover to the book that includes the year that the cards were received, and maybe even a family Christmas photo from that year. These books can easily be stored in empty shoe boxes each year, and displayed on your coffee table or throughout your home to bring back memories and make your Christmas card senders feel appreciated. You can even wrap the shoe box and lid separately in festive wrapping paper, like a gift, and take the boxes out each year.

Storing Your Wrapping Supplies

Okay, so this one isn’t really decor, but let’s face it — we need some place to store all of the wrapping paper and bows that we’ve collected each season. Some people even make it a habit to save boxes and bags that are received from loved ones, and use them for their own gift-giving the next year. You can buy tools to organize your wrapping paper and supplies, or you can use common household items like laundry hampers or closet racks to store the paper, and smaller containers or even shoeboxes to store your ribbon and bows.

You might store all of your bags in one large holiday bag for easy retrieval, or keep your boxes neatly stored in a tote or other container. Organization is a great way to really maximize your storage space. Try to consolidate smaller containers as much as you can into larger containers, or onto shelving.

And, remember, even though the holidays have ended, you can still have cheerful spirit all year long. Make sure to keep checking our website for fun blogs and updates on our latest creations all year long.

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