6 Decorating Styles For Your Dining Room This Christmas

Don’t you love decorating for Christmas? In most households, the living room tends to get the most festive-love. It has the tree, afterall, and perhaps a fireplace where stockings are carefully hung with tinsel and colored lights twinkling merrily. But a lot of our holiday traditions center around the dinner table. If you want to go all out when it comes to decorating your home, don’t forget to spend some time decorating the dining room! Here are six decorating scheme ideas to get you started, ranging from classic to modern so you can figure out which style works best for you!

1) A Classic Christmas

Do you want to bring the warmth of Christmases from your childhood to your dining table? You may want to opt for a classic motif with a vintage spin! Look around for a vintage tablecloth or a vintage reproduction. Poinsettia patterns are always pretty and bright red and green colors will keep your table cheerful and festive! Set the table with bright white dishes or opt for a red or green set if you have them. Keep the decor on your table classic: red or green candles in golden holders, bells, and poinsettia plants. If you are trying to remind your loved ones of years past while you serve dinner, this is a fantastic way to go! 

2) Winter Whites 

Is your decor style more modern and simplistic than vintage? Lean into snowy white and keep a pristine table utilizing white decor to bring the festive frostiness of the world outside in. Pick an accent color, like the red of holly berries but keep the focus on the bright white. Metallic embellishments can also be effective, such as golden napkin rings. Winter branches might take the place of flowers at the table, giving a stark yet peaceful effect, or you can embellish more with pine cones. Keep in mind that this design style isn’t the most kid friendly and if you’re expecting to host little ones for the holidays, you may be better off going with a different look.

3) Rustic Touches

Are you dreaming of a country Christmas? A rustic or farmhouse based design can be cozy and warm for the holidays. Pick a red or green based plaid to use for napkins paired with a white tablecloth. It doesn’t matter so much if everything matches perfectly with this sort of place setting: flow is more important. Twine ribbons and burlap placemats can bring in rustic elements that flatter the reds and greens you associate with the holidays!

4) Blues and Purples

Do you want to keep your home festive for the holiday season, but not necessarily specifically Christmas inspired? Consider elegant blues and purples to suit the winter season without making you feel like you need to redecorate immediately on December 26th. Choose rich colors and shiny satin fabrics to have a perfectly glamorous table that will also look fantastic while you’re celebrating New Year’s!

5) Rose Gold

Are you feeling more chic than traditional? Follow the trends and enjoy a modern rose gold inspired dining room. This fun look will have you pulling in blush and cream tones to accent coppery metallic details to create a fun, luxurious look to your dining space. 

Although this look isn’t very traditional, you can definitely bring in some holiday elements!  Filling up a bowl with white, rose gold, and pink Christmas ornaments and using it as a centerpiece can be a fun way to bring the holiday season into the room. Warm white twinkle lights and candles can make your dining room resemble a fairy wonderland as you share a meal with your loved ones. Add sheer white swags to the backs of your chairs to keep up the soft, romantic vibe.

6) Kid Friendly Table!

Are you a little worried about your younger family members staining your vintage tablecloths, knocking over candles, or breaking glass ornaments? That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for Christmas! Use a sturdy tablecloth made of a material that you can throw in the washing machine and LED candles for decor. Involve kids in decorating: if your celebration won’t be very formal, have the kids design placemats on construction paper and use those as you’re serving dinner! It’s a great way to make the kids feel involved and their grandparents will definitely find it charming and you won’t have to worry about placemats that get covered in cranberry sauce.

Keep It Cheerful!

Do you love your decor but feel like you’re missing something to tie it all together? Consider a festive Cupcakes and Snowflakes Christmas Tree Wine Bottle from Cheerful Spirit to bring some fun to your holiday table! This design would make a fantastic centerpiece or would look great decorating a side table! Your guests will ooh and aww over the tiny cupcakes that decorate the miniature tree and it can be a fantastic conversation starter! Don’t forget that the little details can be what sets your decorating apart this holiday season!