5 Unique Ways to Use Christmas Lights All Year

What do you do with your Christmas lights the other eleven months of the year? If you’re creative there’s no need for your festive lights to spend most of the year in storage — although this guide might make you want to run out and get an abundance of lights for the rest of your home! This trend is in for a good reason: the lights are pretty all year and provide subtle illumination for your entire home!

string lights

1) Photo Wall

A photo wall is a great idea that can help you get your photos off of your phone and displayed prominently in your home. You can easily hang your Christmas lights up on a wall and use small clothes pins like these to hang your photos from the lights. This can instantly turn any wall into an art piece. It’s also easy to update. You can easily change out the pictures that you’re currently featuring and the photos don’t get damaged by pin holes. If you’re going to put this display up against a white wall, your best bet is to find a strand of lights with a white wire.

2) Chic Night Light

Need a little more light in your bedroom to read by? Try wrapping strands of lights around your headboard. This will put off a pleasant glow for you while you’re winding down in bed. This is also a great option for children as they grow older but find themselves still wanting a nightlight. The chic style won’t seem out of place in an image-conscious tween’s bedroom.  Check out these LED Lights as a safe option- they won’t get hot. They are also dimmable and can be remote controlled- meaning you’ll never have to get up to turn them off or adjust the brightness.

3) “Firefly” Jars

These little jars are a cute way to put some light wherever you need it. This rustic little bit of decor is easy: all you need as lights, tiny mason jars, and a little bit of tape. Tape the battery pack of mini strands of lights like these to the lid of the jar and let the wire coil up so it’s suspended between the top and bottom of the jar. This will make you think about fireflies in a jar. These little jars are cute enough to use as decor, especially in nooks of a room that could use a little more light. They can also function as a safe alternative to candles in a storm that knocks the power out!

4) Word Art

This option may take a little more maneuvering than some others on this list but the effect is worth it! String lights can make cute art pieces for your walls. You can use the wire to spell out a word or perhaps even your name or your child’s. Plug it in and whatever word inspires you will start to glow.  This may be best to keep out of reach of little ones so they don’t pull down your work in mistake.

5) Centerpieces

Pretty Christmas lights can be a great option for your table all year. A great way to use strings of lights is to wrap them loosely into a woven basket. This will provide subtle glow and can add some romance, even if you want to avoid the potential hazard of candles. You can fill the basket with pine cones, a fall pumpkin, or other trinkets all year! This can be a fun, safe fixture that is easy to change out seasonally.

This idea can also work amazingly with a Cheerful Spirit tree decoration. Let the tree serve as your centerpiece and use the light around it to bring on a cheerful glow that you can enjoy with your loved ones all year! 

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