5 Types of Christmas Tree Bottles to Enhance Your Holiday Decorating

With so many different Christmas trees available for your decorating, it can be a challenge to narrow down the types of trees and find the right one for you. Christmas trees come in various shades of colors and styles, making the choices even more difficult. Here are five types of Christmas trees, and a wine bottle paring from Cheerful Spirit with elements of the Christmas tree type.

White Pine

The needles of this tree are grown in bundles, and the branches give off little to no scent. Due to the branches not being as strong as other trees, the White Pine tree may not be ideal for heavy or large ornaments. The tree color is a lighter green. A centerpiece similar to a White Pine tree is the Santa Christmas Tree Wine Bottle. The fact that White Pine grows tall and thin is reflected in the design.  Coloring of this tree is lighter than other trees found on the site, just like the White Pine.

Douglas Fir

This type of tree has dark blue or dark green needles. The Douglas Fir is known for having one of the lushest Christmas tree scents around. Douglas Fir needles are flat, and mostly grown in bunches. This tree can vary in size, from medium to tall. A wine bottle decoration from Cheerful Spirit, such as the Cupcakes and Snowflakes Bottle is reminiscent of the Douglas Fir. The medium height of the tree and it’s darker color make it the perfect accent for your table. 

Norway Spruce

A Norway Spruce can be up to 180 feet tall. Dark green needles with pointed tips make this the perfect tree for the iconic dark-hued Christmas tree. While common in the United States, the Norway Spruce is native to Europe. The dark coloring and dense branch patterns of the Gingerbread Cookies Tree Wine Bottle bottle make this a great decoration for a European themed table. The delightful ornaments are an added nod.

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress has a green-gray color and leaves that grow upward giving the tree a pyramid shape. This tree has no scent making it perfect for those with allergies, or those that don’t want the smell of the holidays to come from their tree. A wine bottle such as the Snowball Christmas Tree Wine Bottle the Leyland Cypress with its pyramid shape and bright lights and ornaments contrasting the darker foliage.

Red Cedar

Eastern red cedar, pencil cedar, and aromatic cedar are also names for this type of tree. The color is dark green, and it has a strong scent. Just like the Leyland Cypress, the tree has a pyramid shape, and this tree can grow up to 40 feet tall. Cheerful Spirit has a Classic Christmas Tree Bottle, with its dark green color and smaller height that will remind you of this tree. Colorful LED lights and white flocking are an added touch to highlight your Christmas table or mantel. 

 Christmas décor should express your personality. For more unique wine bottle trees and other décor, contact Cheerful Spirit today.