3 Fun Cork Crafts for Valentine’s Day

People have a tendency to either love or hate Valentine’s Day. No matter which camp you’re in, you’ve surely noticed stores bringing out red and pink wrapped chocolates as well as holiday cards carrying sweet messages and romantic imagery. Looking for a craft to keep yourself (or your kids!) occupied and in the spirit of things? You can look to your collection of wine corks for inspiration. We’ve assembled three fun, easy crafts to help you get into the spirit of things!

Wine Cork Heart

This is a great project if you want to use corks from bottles of red wine that have stained the corks pink! This craft is pretty simple but mostly will consist of utilizing a hot glue gun so it’s a better project for adults than kids.

Trace the shape or a heart onto a piece of paper and use it as a pattern so you can arrange your wine corks appropriately. Glue them together with hot glue but avoid gluing your project to your pattern. If red wine isn’t your thing or you would prefer a heart of a different color, you can always paint your corks with acrylic paint before you glue them all together. 

You can add a cute ribbon to the top to hang it by and use it as a festive wreath for your front door! The other great thing as this project can easily be adapted to other shapes like stars so you can easily regularly change out your crafty decor!

Kid Friendly Cards

Corks make fantastic stamps. The shape of wine corks make them easy for little hands to hold. You can use your corks to make stamps by carefully cutting the tip of the cork into a heart shape. This might take a little practice and is definitely something to leave to an adult. 

Once you’ve made the stamps, spread out brightly colored construction paper and paint for your kids to make cute valentines out of! They can use the corks to stamp as many different hearts as they want on the paper, making this a fun project for small children. Writing out the messages on the cards can be a good way to help young children learn to write and can make the cards into personal keepsakes that you will want to keep for sentimental value.

Cute Coasters

We all hate rings left on our furniture from cups. If you want to protect your tabletops in a festive way, you can try making your own Valentine’s Day themed coasters. 

In order to shape your coasters, you’ll want to cut your corks into thirds so they aren’t too large. Arrange your corks so they lay flat in the shape of a heart. A template can help you so you don’t have to eyeball it. Make sure that the heights of your corks are even and then sand it down with sandpaper so your drinks will sit securely on the coasters without risks of spills. You can paint the finished coasters with fun colors if desired or even leave them raw. Don’t worry if they aren’t too perfect — that’s part of the rustic appeal of cork crafts!

Cheerful Spirit

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